Michael P. McGarry, PhD

UT El Paso


My teaching expertise is in communication networks, computer architecture and operating systems. My teaching evaluations my five years as faculty have averaged around 4.8/5. I have received the UTEP College of Engineering Dean’s Teaching Award for the 2011/2012 academic year in recognition of my teaching at UTEP.


My Information


My research expertise is in communication networks. My research is concerned with optimizing network architectures and protocols. Probability theory, queueing theory, combinatorial optimization, discrete event simulation, and a little statistics comes in handy.

My research results have been presented at several IEEE conferences, and published in several IEEE, OSA, and Elsevier journals on communications. I have over 640 combined citations on my articles. One article I co-authored received the 2009 IEEE Communications Society Best Tutorial Paper Award.

My research activities have been sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Huawei Technologies (the world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturer by sales volume).

My current active research projects are:

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) for Ethernet Passive Optical Networks

DBA for Hybrid Fiber/Copper Access Networks

Video Bandwidth Forecasting

For more detailed information about my research please visit the UTEP Communication Networks Laboratory website.


My service to the profession consists of acting as a reviewer of submitted research articles. I’m an associate editor for IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials. I serve as a Technical Program Committee (TPC) member for several of the IEEE Communications Society’s flagship conferences: Infocom, Globecom, ICC, and ICCN. I also regularly review articles submitted to several IEEE journals: IEEE Transactions on Networking, IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology.